About Us

Biggest and Best Skatepark In the Area!


Serving the community and the lord for over 20 years, our skatepark is known around the country as a breeding ground for talent and a sanctuary for the local youth. 

Our safe and monitored park offers a variety of ramp types and sizes and we have built a positive and uplifting environment. In addition to our Delaware locals the park is often occupied by riders from New Jersey, Pensylvania, and Maryland. Traveling riders/parents often take advantage of local tax free shopping like the Christiana Mall, and scooter riders always head over to the ECX Scooter shop just minutes away. 

Open Year Round


Ride all year round, pay per day or take advantage of our deals on seasonal or yearly passes that are available for purchase at the park.

Scooters | Bikes | Skateboards


All our welcome to use our facility!

Our park offers plenty of ramps to accommodate lots of riders, and plenty of seating available for spectators/parents.